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Copy data from AAS via ADF

I have a requirement wherein I need to copy data from AAS via ADF and I am following the below blog :

But we have a scenario wherein we have MFA configured in our accounts. So how should we create a linked server?

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Hello @SahilMehta-3190,

Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

If my understanding is correct you'd like to know how to create a linked server using a SQL instance? Can you please let me know what version are you makin use of ?

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I am trying to create a lined server on SQL 2012 and SQL 2016 to Azure analyis service and the login account has MFA set up because of which unable to do it.
So how to proceed in such scenario

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Hello @SahilMehta-3190,

Thanks for getting back.

I came across a similar discussion in the below thread - The Answer by Pradeep talks about handling the MFA. Just wanted to understand whether you have already tried the below :

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