The script office-addin-manifest reports manifest as valid, but Outlook cannot install it.

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  • [ *] I am running the latest version of Node and the tools
  • [ *] I checked the documentation and found no answer
  • [ *] I checked to make sure that this issue has not already been filed

# Expected behavior

Outlook installs my addin manifest file.

Current behavior

Outlook cannot install my manifest file.

Steps to Reproduce

Please provide detailed steps for reproducing the issue.

  1. unpack attached archive.
  2. in the folder with archive content, find manifest file
  3. validate the manifest file with office-addin-manifest script:
    3.1 in execute the command:
    office-addin-manifest validate MyOutlookAddin.xml
  4. Note that the script reports manifest file as valid:
    The manifest is valid
  5. Install the latest Outlook from AppStore
  6. Try to add custom addin from attached manifest to Outlook.
  7. Installation failed

NOTE: It seems, that the issue in the minimal requirement set.
When I setup 1.3 requirement set:
<Requirements> <Sets DefaultMinVersion="1.3"> <Set Name="Mailbox" /> </Sets> </Requirements>
The installation is successful, and my addin works well.

But, when I setup 1.4 requirement set - installation fails.

What version of Outlook should I use to have access to requirement sets 1.4 and above?
Where can I download that version?

Why the office-addin-manifest script does not report exact version of Outlook?

I decided to submit this issue, because the script reports manifest file as valid, but Outlook cannot install it.

May be the issue in the Outlook version, but it confuses me, because I use the latest version from AppStore.


Please provide any relevant information about your setup. This is important in case the issue is not reproducible except for under certain conditions.

  • Operating System: MacOs BigSur 11.6 MacBook Air (M1, 2020)
  • Node version: v14.18.0.
  • Office version:
  • Tool version: Microsoft Outlook for Mac 16.54 (21101001) ## Failure Logs
Please include any relevant log snippets, screenshots or code samples here.

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  1. Alison McKay 76 Reputation points

    Hi @Danil Korotenko , thank you for submitting.

    We use Microsoft Q&A to answer questions, and it looks like you're reporting a bug. We use GitHub issues to track bugs. Our GitHub issues have a system for tracking information about your operating system and application build number, a set of questions for you to answer while submitting the bug, and a system where we can track work on the bug after you've submitted it. Microsoft Q&A doesn't offer the tracking system we need to help resolve your bug.

    Please submit this issue as a bug to the office-js repository on GitHub:


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