Proper data output for data integration between Azure Function (Http Trigger) and Azure Data Factory


(Sorry, there is not much example in YouTube that discusses about Azure Function (Http Trigger) and Azure Data Factory data integration, so I am posting this question.)

I am trying to get a proper data output from Azure Function (Http Trigger) so that I could move data to Azure Data Factory.

From the example of solution file of Azure Function (Http Trigger), this is output that I got.


When I connect to Azure Data Factory, what is expected input?
I don't think it is just one line of data or it is not URL, is it?

I am trying to get a tabular format of data into Azure Data Factory from Azure Function.
Where does the tabular format take place?
Is it from output of Azure Function or output from URL? I am so confused.

Do I have to possibly have an output like Json format in order to get a data in a tabular format?

What should be the data structure if I want to store a list of output like (UserID, FirstName, LastName) that have at least 1000 rows from Azure Function (Http Trigger) --> ADF?

Thanks you.

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