Why our site is resitered to IE11 compatable mode in edge.microsoft.com...?

taehoon ham 1 Reputation point

I have a problem with my site

Because parameters is not deliverered to a specific domain and finally I found that my site is resitered to IE11 compatable and open in IE11 mode of edge.

Following is downloaded from edge.microsoft.com , maybe periodically i guess and they are all sufferd with same problem..

<site url="https://www.plexonline.com">
<open-in allow-redirect="true">IE11</open-in>
<site url="https://www.zj96596.com">
<open-in allow-redirect="true">IE11</open-in>
<site url="https://xo.nate.com">
<open-in allow-redirect="true">IE11</open-in>
<site url="https://zq.zj96596.com">
<open-in allow-redirect="true">IE11</open-in>

How can I deregister my site from that??

anyone who knows contact point let me know..

my contact is

email : thham@sk.com

name : taehoon Ham


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  1. XuDong Peng-MSFT 4,746 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @taehoon ham ,

    Based on the configuration you provided, it looks like you are using Enterprise Mode .v2 Schema. But it's not configured correctly as documented, and I think that's what caused this issue:

    We recommend that you not add any of the following items to your schema because they can make your compatibility list behave in unexpected ways:

    • Don’t use protocols. For example, http://, https://, or custom protocols. They break parsing.
    • Don’t use wildcards.
    • Don’t use query strings, ampersands break parsing.

    Please try removing https:// from the configuration, I think this will work for you. You can also refer to this document for more details: Enterprise Mode v.2 schema example.

    Best regards,
    Xudong Peng

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  2. Harry Min 1 Reputation point

    i appreciate your answer.

    but i think that your answer points our intranet configuration.

    As mentioned before,
    the list are downloaded from


    i.e. microsoft itself.

    So i can't fix it. and i want to know the contact point to update that list.

    I recently obtain both of email iepo@microsoft.com, ietoedge@microsoft.com and I send a same request to remove our site(xo.nate.com, br.nate.com) at that list.

    Nevertheless i'm not sure figuring it out.

    Anyway your answer is really helpful and if any other information, let me know about it.

    thanks a lot

  3. Harry Min 1 Reputation point

    I received a reply from ietoedge@microsoft.com
    i'm waiting and expecting

    my problem is explained at https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/web-platform/ie-to-microsoft-edge-redirection#why-is-a-website-added-to-the-ie-compatibility-list


    Hello –

    We have submit your request to have the sites removed. The reference number is 37049xxx.

    We will follow up once the list has been updated.



    thank you for everyone