Accidentally deleted Owner Role of Azure Storage Account

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Good day,

I seem to be having problems with my Azure account.

I am following a tutorial to learn Azure Databricks and as part of this, I created an Azure Storage Account. I went into my Storage Account inside the Dashboard and went to modify Role Assignments. I wanted to add in a Storage Blob Data Contributor role for an application that I am currently writing in Databricks. But after doing this, I went to view my access, and without realizing exactly what I was doing, I unintentionally deleted the owner profile linked to my user account. Now the storage account appears to be completely hidden. I know it's not deleted since I tried to recover my storage account, but my account was not listed as deleted.

For reference, and to show that I have also looked at other solutions, I will include this:

I tried reassigning the Owner role under Subscriptions, which gave me the message:
You do not have permissions to read role assignments at this scope. Check that you are assigned a role that has the Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/read permission at scope /subscriptions/8462ebb0-41bf-4e4a-8a97-b5327b66f4b9 or above.

In Azure Active Directory, under Roles and Administrators, I can see that I am listed as a Global Administrator, yet I am not able to access any of the other resources that I originally created (Azure Storage account, Databricks Workspace, etc..)

Thanks in advance.

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    If you are Global Admin in an Azure tenant you can elevate yourself to manage all Subscriptions under the tenant:

    Hope this helps!

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