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Mikael Mild 1 Reputation point

Hello, havent found anything on this issue we are having.

we have 1 wvd server.

users that connect to it redirects their local printers to the wvd session, that creates 1 or 2 redirected printers and for some reason a rouge printer shows up aswell.
and i dont know why.

Each user sees their own printers
List of printers
HK - Printer A
HK - Printer B

These show upp for all and f up the ques
Rouge printers
HK - PrIntér A
HK - PrIntér B

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    vipullag-MSFT 16,716 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Mikael Mild

    Firstly, apologies for the delay in responding here and any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

    If this is a multisession host then the users connected to the VM will see the printers that are redirected by other users, this is an expected behavior.

    Based on the issue description, looks like you have a printer being redirected and the issue appears to be that 2 printers show up for each redirected printer?
    If these printers are generic printers then you may have a PS and PCL printer showing up perhaps and these would show as 2 printers - it could also be showing something like a printer/scanner/copier as duplicate.

    Are you saying the 'rogue' printers are these PrIntér with the accented é? This isn't something I've come across before, Are you using any language packs on you VMs?
    I would recommend opening a support case to investigate this issue further.

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