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eyas nabolsi 31 Reputation points

Dear Sir,

I received an email from "" with a question "Did you attempt to change your password ?".

Is the email "" from microsoft ?

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  1. T. Kujala 8,421 Reputation points

    Hi @eyas nabolsi ,

    It's hard to say.

    Have you tried to change your password?

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  2. eyas nabolsi 31 Reputation points

    I did not try to change the password.

    Kindly check the attachment.

  3. T. Kujala 8,421 Reputation points

    @eyas nabolsi

    Thank you for the attachments.

    You can check if that is true to follow the next link.

    If everything is okay, the email is not real.

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  4. eyas nabolsi 31 Reputation points

    There was an attempt to sign in from USA and I have never visited it.

    Kindly check the attachment.

    Kindly help me about the next step to prevent that from happening again.


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  5. John Rhanzel Ebora 6 Reputation points

    Hi, @eyas nabolsi  

    I got the same email a few days ago. If you did not change your password, disregard the email. Maybe it was an error on the part of Microsoft, or maybe someone is trying to pretend to be Microsoft. If you see an unusual activity, kindly check this link: [

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