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BizTalk 2020 migrated applications/interface are running twice

Hello All there,

Recently I have migrated BizTalk applications from 2013R2 to BizTalk 2020. So after migration the interfaces are running twice as I can see in tracked service instance. In our new environment we have two BizTalk application servers and one SQL Server of BizTalk. BizTalk is installed and configured on both the servers. Host and Host instance are created on Both the servers. Please help us in resolving the issue. Please let me know if more information is needed.





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What is the triggering mechanism for the Orchestrations? Is it a receive location? If so what adapter?

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Thanks for the reply. Orchestration is triggered using receive location. Different adapters used are,


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As per my answer below, the WCF-SQL should be on a Clustered Host Instance.

I'm not sure about the Schedule adapter, but that might need to be as well, I would do some testing with it.

File, is OK on a host instance that is running on two nodes as it uses file locking which prevents duplicates, you can also tick Rename files when reading under Advanced settings, but usually not needed. There is an edge case of a clustered file share with replication causing duplicates, but even using a clustered host instance didn't solve that.

WCF-BasicHttp runs in the isolated host (which you can't cluster anyway), but that doesn't cause duplicates as whatever client is sending to that will only be connecting to one host instance at a time.

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There are some adapters that you want running on a Clustered Host Instance e.g. that is only running on a single node a time, as these adapters have no mechanism to prevent picking the messages up at the same time.

These include

  • POP3 (possibly also the new Office 365 Mail adapter)


  • FTP(s)

  • SFTP

  • MSMQ

  • SAP

  • receive adapter that supports ordered delivery

See Clustering Receiving Hosts

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HI Colin,

The issue is resolved. There was no need to cluster the adapters or hosts. The receive handlers which we used were created as a host instances. So this host instances has to be created only on one server. Creating the receive handler on both servers caused the BizTalk applications to run twice. We later deleted the unwanted host instances from second server and all the application are running fine now. Thanks for your reply. I will mark this as a answer.

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