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Hi. I was wondering if I could get some help on the Windows Server licensing. Specifically 2019/2022. I understand the whole core license requirement. 16 minimum base plus additional licensing for all physical cores as well as how the Standard version only allows 2 and you have to re-license the cores again or go with Datacenter for unlimited VMs.

My question is on the processors that allow the speed select and how you can run the processors at different speed/cores.

For example, the 8352v Ice Lake processor. It is a 36 core, however with SST, you can run it at 2.1 (36 cores), 2.0 (32 cores) and 2.0 (24 cores). I read the Windows license where they talk about all physical cores must be license, but if these processors have the capability of the SSP to run at a lower core, do I need to license for all 36 cores or can it be 32 or 24? I was hoping for some documentation that talks about it. I understand the whole - It "should" be license for all 36," but I was hoping for a definite answer and any backup documentation.

Thank you in advance.

Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2019
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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    do I need to license for all 36 cores or can it be 32 or 24?

    Yes, you would. Minimum license requirements
    • All physical cores must be licensed
    • 8 core licenses per processor
    • 16 core licenses per server

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  2. Limitless Technology 39,161 Reputation points

    Hello @Sophie Frise

    There is not much literature yet about it, but I think the most interesting part of core licensing is that you can license to the amount of cores you use.

    In this case, if you plan to use to run the 24 Core mode, you need just to license that 24 core. If at some point you change to 36 core mode, those remining 12 would be "unregistered" cores, but still you can run the server as you are still compliant over the minimum base.

    Additionally I can recommend the next thread where the topic was extensively discussed among the communithy experts:

    Hope this helps with your query,

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