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IPv6 for App Services

App Services running in Azure
How to get these IPv6 enabled?, also why is it not enabled by default?

We can find several posts that it so far is IPv4 only and that you should set up a IPv6 FrontDoor to get IPv6.
This of course is not acceptable, we need to have IPv6 on the services without extra steps.
If anything it should be the other way around, if you need IPv4, put up a FrontDoor to provide it.


dig aaaa

or if on windows:

nslookup -type=aaaa IN CNAME IN CNAME

Note the missing AAAA record here.

Azure needs to get this on v6 and fix AAAA records. (work arounds thru frontdoors or proxies are not acceptable)

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Similar post from 2019:
Different post from this year, with an accepted answer that is unacceptable as described above:

M-21-07 Mandates that all US gov move towards IPv6 only, this puts Microsoft and Azure in a spot where they have to support it or otherwise not have them as customers.

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nikize, my humble apologies, IPv6 is still not supported on App Service. I completely understand this not the answer you wanted hear, we regret any inconvenience with this.

Our product engineering is working on it, but there is no ETA to share on this yet.

Please be assured that I have relayed your feedback to our product team internally.

If you wish you may always share your feedback on our **Uservoice** as well- All of the feedback you share in these forums will be monitored and reviewed by the Microsoft engineering teams responsible for building Azure. Also, Users with a similar request, can up-vote you post and add their comment.

We appreciate your valuable feedback.

-PS. You have posted the question on the right tag(s) [azure-webapps]/

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Well, after searching and looking around a bit and finding:
That says 6 years ago. ;)

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nikize, Thanks for sharing the Uservoice URL. Yes, we have been receiving feedback for enabling IPv6 for all the Azure services, specially Azure WebApps.
-I'll further follow-up with our product team internally, in case there are any updates sooner from the team, will share it here.

Much appreciate your valuable feedback. Thanks, again.

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Hi there,
Any news regarding this important topic?
We developed several services exclusively on Azure, among which App Services and now, due to this limitation on IPV6, our clients are asking us to explore some other services...
We are not keen on migrating/deploying somewhere else just for IPV6 ....
Any news on ETA?

Thanks a lot for your help and concern!

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