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Can't connect by Device Portal

I have Smartphone Nokia Lumia 635 with Windows 10 Version 1607 build 10.0.14393.2551 PC Windows 10 1903 build 18362.418 Yesterday I was connect without problem but today I can't connect - I see warning about certificate and I'm accepting risk but page has been refresh and show warning again and you can only accept risk and that's all - some kind of loop.
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Neither Windows 10 Mobile or Nokia Lumia devices are supported.

Looks like you're connecting to your device via IP address and not the name assigned to the device (that would be present in its certificate). Or it's self-signed and this never worked.

Can you provide a screenshot of the window that appears when you click the View Certificate link? A screenshot of the Certification Path tab would also be helpful.

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No matter if I enter IP or device name - result is same. When I click approve certificate then page is reload and ask again about approving seems look's like loop issue. Now I was try this IP on Edge and it's work - maybe Windows 10 Mobile block other browsers?

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Have you installed the certificate into your computer before you want to open the Device Portal? From the screenshot, it says the certificate is not trusted by your operating system.

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