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Access Key Vault with Managed Identity

Hello community,

I want to get a specific secret from Azure Key Vault in the Logic App. Therefore, I like to use Managed Identities. The build-in action always throws the error "Cannot convert undefined or null to object" when try to create the connection. I type a connection name of my choice. I choose system assigned managed identity and enter the name of the Key Vault. Before that I activated the Managed Identity on the Logic App and gave it the necessary access policies on the Key Vault.

Does anybody has the same problems or maybe a solution?
Thank you for your support.

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@AnjaBlechschmidt-5626 I just tried the same but could get it to work on the first try. This could have been an intermittent issue at the time too. Could you try again and confirm if you are still seeing this?

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I have the same problem. I followed the same steps you mentioned and it throws the error "Cannot convert undefined or null to object" too.
Whether creating a new connection or updating an existing one.

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