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UWP C#: How to make a framework element to full window mode

I am writing a uwp app that has multiple frameworkEelements. When a button is clicked, I want one of the FrameworkElement(In my app it is a usercontrol) to be in full window. I don't want a new window to be launched. (Similar to the behavior of media player element going to full window)

This seems trivial but I can't get it working. I tried the following and this seems to make the element go to full screen but there are issues like I am not getting button click events(app seems to be unresponsive sometimes)

private async void onSelectFullWindow(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
Window.Current.Content = customElementToBeFullScreen;
I want to know in general how do we make an element enter full-screen mode without opening a new window.

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Hi, Which button does the button event you are referring to not trigger specifically? Are there any XAML elements blocking the button? We noticed that you asked the same question on StackOverflow and my colleague will follow up on it.

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Thanks, I am following up in stackoverflow and providing my comments there :

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