Web Speech API support for HoloLens 2 in Edge

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The Web Speech API works perfectly in Edge on the desktop (using Windows 10). However, it does not appear to work in Edge on HoloLens 2 (OS build 20348.1442 of Windows Holographic for Business).

This issue is not related to application permissions to the microphone; when I test Bing's speech search function (which uses the Azure Cognitive Services rather than the Web Speech API, according to the answer at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/web-speech-api-support/m-p/1744715/highlight/true#M36015) in Edge on HoloLens 2, it works perfectly.

I have tested this on my own development project in progress as well as two other test demos:

  1. https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/demos/speech.html
  2. https://mdn.github.io/web-speech-api/speech-color-changer

Additionally, using the speech search function on Google (which uses the Web Speech API) does not work in Edge on the HoloLens 2, but works fine in Edge on the desktop.

I have tested this in both the official build of Edge (version 97.0.1072.62) and in the insider beta version of Edge (version 98.0.1108.23) on HoloLens 2.

Is this a known issue? If so, are there plans to support the Web Speech API on the HoloLens? It is widely used enough that not using it would negatively affect both devs and users.

Note: I am talking specifically about the Web Speech API's speech-to-text features.

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    Hello, Welcome to Microsoft Q&A,

    You can provide more information about your request and submit a feature request via feedback hub on new feature request to be considered in future releases of HoloLens OS and devices. If it's a hot impacted feature, it will be possible to be given priority to jump in the development schedule.

    For how to post feedback request, you can follow this doc: Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app.

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