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Install UWP app using sideload when the app is opened and running


Have requirements to upgrade UWP app while the app is in running mode. App upgrade is trigger within the application.

Basically UWP app is running in kiosk mode using Shell Launcher V2, we have added auto restart constraint when the app got crashed or killed, in this case we have one situation to close the app in kiosk mode and upgrade the same, but as per the kiosk the app is automatically relaunched when it's closed for upgrade.

Now we are thinking to make it upgrade while app is running, Is it possible to upgrade UWP app while the app is already in running mode? or is there anyway to kill the UWP app in kiosk mode based on some constraints.

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First of all, would you minding telling me in what ways that you've tried to upgrade your app? Have you tried the Packagemanager.UpdatePackageAsync method?

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No, actually we are sideloading the package and upgrading msixbundle.

We are upgrading with multiple services so we have created one msi bundle to upgrade.

Using DISM command to upgrade the same for multiple user.

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If that, I'd suggest you take a look at the Packagemanager.UpdatePackageAsync method so that you could try to trigger the update inside the app. It should be able to achieve what you want.

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