Cannot RDP to Azure VM

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I have come to realize tat I can no longer remote to my Azure VM. I could do so a day before but the following day I could not. I have tried all the necessary troubleshooting outlined in the RDP troubleshooting docs. I have tried:

  1. Resetting RDP configs
  2. Resetting RDP credentials
  3. Checking resource health
  4. Serial logs
  5. Resetting the NIC
  6. Redeploying the VM I had to restore from a backup which was a week old. I know the problem is with the VM but not sure how I could repair it. I tried to restore from the back up which occurred a day after it started giving issues and it is the same problem. Still cannot RDP so I think that tell me the problem is with the VM. Any solution I could try?

Update: The issue was resolved, detaching the disc and attempting a repair seems to have narrowed it down to a particular VPN software that had taken over the ports for connection. It was uninstalled, the disk reattached and connecting was once more possible

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  1. Manu Philip 16,561 Reputation points MVP

    Without properly understanding the issue on the backup, we can't troubleshoot the issue well.
    Still, I am thinking an option.

    • Create a different VM within the same subnet with a similar internal IP range of the problematic VM
    • Try RDP from the new VM, using internal IP (Make sure that there is no NSG rules set to block the RDP port 3389)
    • If still RDP is not working, try accessing the the the VM's services, files etc. to see if something can indicate the problem

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