Retention policy on Online archive mailboxes

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I've tried to search through documentation, but 1 thing is still unclear for me - does same retention policies applies to online archive mailbox/InPlace archive?
So will emails from Inbox of online archive moved to Archive folder of online archive?

Upd - this question did come up because of we have imported old emails into online archive, and this was set up to retention hold. I just want to know how exchange will behave before switching hold off.

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    Yes, the same policy applies to both the "primary" mailbox and the archive one. However, the "Archive" folder has nothing to do with said policy, this is just another "regular" folder, which Microsoft added in response to similar functionality in Gmail.

    Let me try to give you some more details. When you provision an Online archive, the default retention policy in the organization will start moving items that are older that 2 years from your "primary" mailbox to the corresponding folder in the Online archive. I.e. messages older than 2y in your inbox will be moved to the Online archive > Inbox. Same for any other folder, including the "Archive one". You can of course customize the 2y period by assigning different retention tags, etc.

    Once the message gets moved to the corresponding folder in the Online archive, it stays there. It will not get moved to the "Archive" folder, nor any other folder, unless you do this manually. It might be deleted, if you are using tags with the "delete" action, in addition to the default "2y move to archive" tag. By default, nothing is removed though, only if you deliberately add such tags to your policy.

    The "Archive" folder on the other hand is only used when the user manually hits the "Archive" button in Outlook/OWA. It's basically a "quick step" type of operation. Not related to the actually "Online archive", not related to retention policies. Just a basic "move to this folder when I click the button" action.

    A default retention policy will in fact also apply to messages in the Archive folder. Thus if you have already moved some messages there, after 2y they will be moved to Online Archive > Archive. Blame Microsoft and their marketing gurus, if it's a bit too confusing :)

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