Does not see that the server role failed over to a another node


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Please help me with an issue we are encountering. Currently we have Windows Failover Cluster with SQL. If we ping the name of the role it is replying but once we fail over the cluster role to another node, the ping was not able to recover. It still says timeout. The only way to make this work again is by doing "ipconfig /flushdns" I have configured the TTL of the cluster role name to 20 seconds but still is the same problem. Any suggestion on how to address this?

I have tested this in multiple machine and it is the same problem

Windows DHCP
Windows DHCP
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Windows Server Clustering
Windows Server Clustering
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    I have found out that the TTL has changed back to 20 minutes. I have change it again all AD in our domain but still it went back to 20 minutes. Any information why this is happening?