Azure Files Performance Problem ( small files )

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I'm building a php and static content hosting solution using the Azure files service.
The problem I am noticing is that when trying to copy small files into the nfs share, or making any action over small files, the performance is very bad, the network of the node that mounts the NFS traffics at 250kb/s and the nfsiostat command returns 18 write ops/s which is really poor.

The node mounting the NFS service is a Standard_F2s_v2 ( Ubuntu 20.04 ) with accelerated_networking enabled.

For example one of the tests I did was:
cd /var/www ( this is an Azure Files NFS mount point )
tar -xvzf moodle-latest-311.tgz
time chown -R www-data.www-data moodle

This last chown command takes 3,5 minutes, when, performing the same test with amazon services ( EFS ) and the cheapest Amazon VirtualMachine (not like in azure that I have a mid-range instance), the last command takes no more than 22 seconds.

There will be something I can do to optimize the performance of the services, because with the current operation I don't see a way to use it.

Additional note, check this page and follow all the recommendations and the problem persists:


NFS Write OP/s

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