Header "x-ms-throttle-limit-percentage" not coming in response

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My application makes a lot of calls to the graph API to get the properties I need. It is impossible to reduce the number of requests in my case. And for this, I need to understand when the number of requests approaches the limit and that I need to stop doing them so as not to get 429)

The documentation says that the parameter "x-ms-throttle-limit-percentage" should come in the header when the number of requests approaches the limit from 0.8. As I understand it, 0.8 is a coefficient from 1, where 1 is the upper limit of the limit: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/throttling?view=graph-rest-1.0#regular-responses-requests

But I didn’t get this parameter in the header, although Retry-After with TooManyRequests.

How can I get this parameter in the response? Perhaps you need to specify additional parameters for this? Or set up Tenant for this?

Or is there another way to view throttle-limit?

Thanks in advance for your reply)

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