How to put Teams Channel on litigation Hold using PowerShell

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I've been trying to put Teams channel to eDiscovery Hold(both mailbox and sharepoint) using PowerShell but I'm stuck so I would be really appreciated if I can get any help or suggestion on how to proceed with my script.

Basically the idea is, I will provide the either Private or Public Team Channel name at the begining of the script and it'll put everything on eDiscovery hold.

   $UserEmail = ""   
   Get-Team -user $UserEmail    
   $Mailbox = Get-Mailbox | Where {$_.PrimarySmtpAddress -eq $UserEmail}   
   Get-UnifiedGroup | Where {(Get-UnifiedGroupLinks $_.Alias -LinkType Members).DistinguishedName -contains $mailbox.DistinguishedName}   
   Get-UnifiedGroup | select DisplayName, SharePointSiteUrl   
   Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity "Office 365 Sandbox" -FolderScope ConversationHistory -IncludeOldestAndNewestItems | ?{$_.FolderType -eq "TeamChat"} | Format-Table Name, ItemsInFolder, NewestItemReceivedDate    
   Set-Mailbox -Identity "Office 365 Sandbox" -LitigationHoldEnabled $True -GroupMailbox  
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