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Good Afternoon,

I am relatively new to SQL and have come across something I can easily do in Excel but I need to replicate in SQL. I am looking back at the last 3 months of data for each individual and making an overall decision. So if any of the last 3 months contain "NEET" then it needs to return "NO". If the last 3 months contain all or a combination of "NOT NEET" or BLANK then "YES" . You can see the simple formula being used below:


I have been able to group my data in SQL by month, but it is the next stage, the overall category that I am unable how to create:


Any advice or guidance, would be much appreciated. Many Thanks

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  1. Viorel 102.8K Reputation points

    If you already have a table, view or subquery that contains these three columns, then try something like this:

    select *, case when [Month 1] = 'NEET' or [Month 2] = 'NEET' or [Month 3] = 'NEET' then 'NO' else 'YES' end as Target
    from MyTable

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  1. LiHong-MSFT 10,026 Reputation points

    Hi @Lee_Walmsley
    If you have written the SQL to group data by month ,please refer to this :

    ;WITH CTE as  
     --Put the Sql statement that you group your data by month here  
    SELECT individual_name,[Month 1],[Month 2],[Month 3],  
           CASE WHEN [Month 1] IS NULL AND [Month 2] IS NULL AND [Month 3] IS NULL THEN 'NONE RECORDED'  
                WHEN [Month 1] = 'NEET' OR [Month 2] = 'NEET' OR [Month 3] = 'NEET' THEN 'NO' ELSE 'YES' END AS TARGET  
    FROM CTE  

    Best regards,

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