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UAC in WVD won't allow me to install applications

The real problem is that it appears that no one is an Admin in the VD, except the Admin for the entire subscription (me) when it was created.

The email I login to Azure portal with and password is NOT and approve UAC admin for the vd.

my username and full tenet email is NOT and approve UAC admin for the vd

I have no clue what the password for is and I don't know how to reset it. When I select reset password it only provides a link to an article about forgot password.

The UAC does not have a forgot password option.

I tried to make the user a global owner in Azure AD and that does not pass the UAC criteria either, apparently.

Does anyone understand what is happening here? How can I add a user in Azure AD that has rights to install software? How can I add that permission in Assignments. This is all I know and am trying to learn but cant even distribute a vd that allows a user to install a program

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