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ADF Mapping Data Flow Sink to Dataverse Lookup field

I want to load data from Dataverse to ADF, use Mapping dataflow transformations and at the end of the Mapping data flow sink it back to Dataflow - create new rows in table
I have this entity/table called xx_orders. There are several fields. When I try to create row only with fields from this custom table, there is no problem. But I am not able to create row in mapping data flow and sink it with field, that is Dynamics lookup field to another custom entity: xx_instrument. The lookup field is xx_instrumentid.
When I source the dynamics table, the column loads as xx_instrumentid as a string value (GUID). But when I try to create new row in xx_order with column named xx_instrumentid (abd guid string value) I got errors with: An undeclared property 'kwr_instrumentid' which only has property annotations in the payload but no property value was found in the payload.
I also tried to create column called xx_instrumentid@odata.bind and fill value like xx_instruments(81ad87ab-2b42-ec11-8c62-000d3aabce66). Same error. What column(s) and value(s) should I have in ADF mapping dataflow to be able to fill lookup field when creating new row in sink.
Thank you

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Hi @VtekMiroslav-0283,

Thank you for posting query in Microsoft Q&A platform.

Sorry but not able to understand the ask here. You mean you want to create a additional column on top of source transformation data? If yes, you can make use of derived column transformation. Click here to know more about derived column transformation. This video also helps to understand derived column transformation.

What you mean when you say you want to create new row? Exactly in which transformation you are facing this error?

Kindly help by sharing your dataflow implementation step by step by screenshots may be to understand the issue and help with resolution. Thank you.

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Hi @VtekMiroslav-0283, - Just checking if you get chance to see above and share details?

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Hi @VtekMiroslav-0283, -Following to see if you get chance to see above and share details?

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I have simple Data Flow - I load Dataverse table. When I want to update column, in this case Date - there is no problem.
But, how can I update lookup column (relationship do another table). How can this be achieved in ADF Dataflow. For inserting values I am using the "workaround". I sink the result as a csv file a and then in pipeline I am using the Copy Activity step. But, is it possible to update the lookups from data flow (without csv sink and then another copy activity in the pipeline)?204674-untitled.png

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