Windows 11 - HyperV Bridge - Binding to NIC Hidden for WSL

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Windows 11, using WSL to work with VS code. Need clean and simple means to bridge Gb NIC to LAN directly (no NAT and intermediate services).

Enable HyperV

It creates "Default Switch" and randomly picked a VPN TAP connection and set to "Internal" (stupid but .. not germane to issue)

Create Virtual switch and bind to Gb NIC "Ethernet"


PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-VMSwitch

Name SwitchType NetAdapterInterfaceDescription

Default Switch Internal

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-VMNetworkAdapter -All

Name IsManagementOs VMName SwitchName MacAddress Status IPAddresses

Container NIC cdfd8da7 True Default Switch 00155D646A00 {Ok}

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Set-VMSwitch WSL -NetAdapterName 'Ethernet'


go into Ubuntu 20 in WSL and change NIC to DHCP


sudo ip addr flush dev eth0

sudo dhclient eth0

ip ad


Works fine.

Reboot and now have several issues:

1) No management IP binding to "Ethernet" NIC so base Windows OS was not able to communicate (Had to re-enable service on interface "IPV4"

2) Now no virtual switch "WSL" shows

3) I cannot remove or effect HyperV binding to the interface "Ethernet"


PS: Original question was posted as a Windows 11 forum question here: but requested to move to this site.


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  1. penguinpages 6 Reputation points

    Does anyone know how I can run a command and or see configuration file which defines which bridged "interface" WSL is bound to for a nic?

    If I can start with that, I can at least figure out where the "external" switch "WSL" disappeared to .

    Second, can I list / view configuration of a NIC Ex: "ethernet" and see which "vSwitch" is binding to? As of now, it is bound, I cannot remove that binding from the NIC, but I can't add it to any new switch as it is bound elsewhere.

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  2. penguinpages 6 Reputation points

    Ah.... Nothing says "good morning" than a cup o' cofee... and a windows update reboot which:

    1) Deletes your HyperV Virtual Switch
    2) But does not remove its bindings to the adapters
    3) And now WSL can't bind to a new switch with same name

    PS C:\GitHub\cluster_devops\cluster_devops> wsl
    The network was not found.

    I got Windows OS level network working by
    a) selecting my Gb NIC, unselect HyperV Connection.
    b) Add new HyperV Virtual switch (used same name again "WSL") and .. after step 1 it would allow me to select it this time.
    c) Then within Gb NIC and hyperv Interface "WSL" uncheck "bridge"
    d) Modify Gb NIC and hyperv Interface "WSL" again and enable "bridge" again

    Now I can get my system to connect to the internet but still getting error about WSL not able to find NIC.

    Where does WSL save and set bindings?
    Why is HyperV switches being deleted?

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