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Xamarin forms droid - Automatic daily update in playstore

Hello devs

We uploaded the first version of our app in google Playstore and it was everything ok. Users go to the google Playstore and downloaded and installed our app. Some time ago, we made some changes and uploaded them in a new version of our application (changing the version code in the aab to be able to the store update it automatically). But I have the first old version in my device and the playstore never update the app. I look for the app in the manager apps & device from the local playstore app installed in my device and not find our app, which is installed and if i navigate manually to our app in the playstore we find it with the update button enabled.

My question is, there's is a way to the local playstore app installed in device found our app and update automatically?.
By oher hand, in my device settings, options to enable my device to upload apps and install it is enabled

There is an issue in xamarin forms with the stores o is something in my app ?

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Did you solve this issue? We have a same problem about updating the app in Playstore.

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You need a server to provide the latest application version information by web API.

Here is a solution you can try it.

Step1. Store version number by Xamarin.Essentials: Preferences into your application.

Step2. In splash screen, compare version number with the latest application version which is from your web API. If current application version number is lower, you can use Xamarin.Essentials: Browser to open your application page in Google Play Store for updating.

If you don't know how to open App Store in Xamarin, you can google Open App Store Or Play Store In XamarinApp which is written by Delpin Susai Raj to find the solution.

Best Regards,

Alec Liu.

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Thanks for the answer, but i don't want serve my app in a local server. I want upload it in playstore (like the first version), but i would like playstore detect diferent version code and update automatically the app installed in devices (like happends in applications native), if xamarin could do it like native developments

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Xamarin.Android is only a layer of wrapper for Android native libraries, no extra operations, so if you want to update it by Play Store, you can google How to update the Play Store & apps on Android to see How to update individual Android apps automatically in Google Play Help.

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That was that i though, but it only happend with xamarin form applications. It doesn't happend with android native applications. I ask here because maybe there are other developers with the same problem and maybe solved it. Maybe there some builld issue or feature to solve the problem

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