Recommended way to get to know the location of various folders within a Docker image

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I am creating a pipeline in Azure Machine Learning Studio. The pipeline consists of various steps of the type "PythonScriptStep". In each step I need to read from the input data and write data to the defined output folder of the type "PipelineData".

Until yesterday, I used the environment variables of the build docker image to get to know various locations, e.g. the location of the "wd"-directoy.
The directory folder path of the "wd"-directoy was stored in the environment variable 'AZ_BATCHAI_JOB_TEMP'. Now, as it seems to me, the environment variable name has been changed. The directory folder path of the "wd"-directoy can now be found in the environment variable 'AZUREML_CR_DATA_CAPABILITY_PATH'.

The environment variable 'AZ_BATCHAI_JOB_MOUNT_ROOT' has been removed completely.

Since environment variable names are changing from one day to another and are not constant, I would like to ask for the recommended way to get to know the location of various folders within the Docker image.

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Alexander Pakakis

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  1. Ramr-msft 17,621 Reputation points

    @AlexanderPakakis-0994 Thanks for the question. The most basic way to achieve this is to use PipelineData and specify the output as a directory.
    from azureml.pipeline.core import PipelineData
    output_dir = PipelineData(

    OutputFileDatasetConfig very powerful, Here is how It can be used for pipelines:

    from azureml.core import ScriptRunConfig, Experiment
    from import OutputFileDatasetConfig
    output_port = OutputFileDatasetConfig(
    destination=(def_data_store, "outputs/test_diroutputFileDatasetConfig/"), name="dir_test"

    experiment = Experiment(ws, 'MyExperiment')
    config = ScriptRunConfig(source_directory='modules/test_output_dir/',
    arguments = ['--output',
    script_run = experiment.submit(config)