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App manifest validation error after adding Windows.Networking.Sockets.WebSocketKeepAlive as backgroundTask entrypoint

I followed the sample here:, and tried to implement an out-of-process background task with websocket.

However, after I added Windows.Networking.Sockets.WebSocketKeepAlive to package.manifest my project won't build anymore:

<Extensions> <Extension Category="windows.backgroundTasks" Executable="$targetnametoken$.exe" EntryPoint="Windows.Networking.Sockets.WebSocketKeepAlive"> <BackgroundTasks> <Task Type="controlChannel" /> </BackgroundTasks> </Extension> </Extensions>

Build error: error APPX0501: Validation error. error 80080204: App manifest validation error: Line 52, Column 12, Reason: If it is not an audio background task, it is not allowed to have EntryPoint="Windows.Networking.Sockets.WebSocketKeepAlive" without ActivatableClassId in windows.activatableClass.inProcessServer.

My SDK version is 10.0.18362.0

Related GitHub issue:

How can I resolve the problem?


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Welcome to Microsoft Q&A, I could reproduce your issue with Windows.Networking.Sockets.WebSocketKeepAlive, and I will report it to team, if I receive any info, I will post below.

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