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Teams Direct Routing - Call Queue timeout redirection splits call across multiple callRecords

We have an application that subscribes to change notifications on the /communications/callRecords endpoint subsequently retrieves callRecord data.

We are seeing unexpected behaviour in the following scenario

  • We receive an incoming call to an auto attendant via direct routing

  • This is then transferred to a call queue that has "conference mode" turned on

  • The call timeout threshold is reached and the call is redirected to a specific teams user

  • The user does not answer and the call eventually goes to voicemail

In this scenario we get notifications for two distinct call records rather than a single call as anticipated. The first callRecord contains all the call details up to the point when the call queue timeout is reached, the second callRecord just contains the redirection to the teams user.

I would have expected all call details to be contained in a single callRecord.

Is this a known issue or expected behaviour?

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