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Azure app service with application pool


I've posted this before but never got a response back to my query so i'm hoping this post will get somewhere..

There is an application which is developed by my company which comprises of a number of applications sitting under an application pool.

We also host a number of websites which comprise of just one app.

We are running these sites in Azure on App Service and wondered how it would be possible to do the same for the application pool?

So correct me if i'm wrong, to achieve this you do the following..

in the portal:

create app plan

create app service

in that app service for each application in the existing IIS app pool create a virtual directory within the configuration>path mappings>virtual applications and directories ? like the below:





And then using one of the solutions such as FTP, transfer the files and directories from the server hosting the app pool to the app service, putting the files related to app1 into site\wwwroot\app1 and files for app2 into site\wwwroot\app2 and so on.. ?

Is that it, should it then all talk to each other and provide a website with all the application components?

Our application also uses couchbase and ActiveMQ so would the app service be able to talk to these in azure even though they are separate to app service?

I look forward to your response and hope we can come to a resolution.

Many thanks


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Hi @BenHodges-7964 I did see your post over on MSDN. As we're doing service rollout migration from MSDN over to Q&A, certain forums have been closed. So, pleased to see you repost your question here!

Having said that, you do have the general idea. This video does a good job of showing you how to create your virtual directory and publishing from VS. It isn't necessary to place your web app in a virtual directory, you can simply publish to wwwroot and create virtual app directories for your remaining services (see image). You can FTP or utilize Azure DevOps to deploy to your virtual app. If you run into 500.35 errors with your virtual apps, add AspNetCoreModule to your csproj. If you run into any other issues, just let me know what errors you're hitting.

With regards to couchbase, can you elaborate on your use case? Are you using a hosted server or saving json files to the local folder?


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Hey Ryan,

Thank you for your reply.

We are using couchbase on a windows server VM in Azure. Would we need some kind of network proxy to connect the app service to these external vm's?

thanks Ben

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@BenHodges-7964, there shouldn't be any need for a network proxy. Just put your app service and couchbase VM in a VNET. Have a look at

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