Planner Notifications All over the Place

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So what's the deal with Planner Notifications?

All jokes aside... They seem kinda Messed up.

Here is a couple situations we have in a few different planners that we use with people outside our organization:

  1. Creating, Assigning and Updating Tickets: Guest Users are not Sent notification on these activities. If we assign a ticket to a guest user the only notice they receive is the tiny little notification bubble hidden in the org select drop down of their Teams Desktop Client. No emails are sent to Guest Users on these events.
  2. Commenting on a ticket. When a Ticket is Commented on no emails are sent to anyone UNLESS they have already commented on the ticket... Which is strange. One would figure the people assigned to the ticket would receive notice when the tickets comment section is updated?
  3. Emailing a Planner. When an email is sent to the planner email address (Aka Planner@org All Guests Receive the email, none of the internal users receive it.
    This includes when replying to comments on a planner ticket in outlook(aka reply all includes Planner@org So Guests are receiving emails about the comments happening on tickets that they are not assigned to while, at the same time, Assigned Internal Staff are not getting anything. If the internal user has already commented they do get a comment notice, but they do not receive emails sent to the group address (Planner@org, only guests get those emails...

So as you can see the notification seem to be a little inconsistent...
I would assume ALL Activity (Assigned, Updated, Status Changed, Commented On) for assigned members is sent to all assigned members of the ticket.(Planner is so light weight if you have so many people assigned to a ticket that you are worried about the comments notifications then perhaps you should look into Project for a more robust PM Solution.)
One thing I read was people were concerned about them getting a ton of notifications because they Created a ticket. Simple solution: make a "Creator" field. To distinguish who made the ticket from the people actively working on the ticket. If a creator wants notifications then it is easy to assign themselves to the ticket as well.

It would also be assumed that ALL members of the planner received emails sent to the Planner Address UNLESS those emails are pertaining to a particular ticket at which point the email is only delivered to those assigned to the ticket.

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