How to stop alerts in Activity Log related to db delete


We initiated a 'delete' action on one of our Azure SQL db which we do not have privilege to do so. There are alerts which have been generated since then causing to pause our Azure email notifications. Is there any way to cancel the 'delete' action to stop these alerts?

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Alberto Morillo 32,006 Reputation points MVP

    Please try to set the action to disable:

    Set-AzureRmSqlDatabaseAuditing `
     -State Disabled `
     -ResourceGroupName "resourcegroupname" `
     -ServerName "ssqlinstancename" `
     -StorageAccountName "strageaccountname" `
     -DatabaseName "dbname" `
     -AuditActionGroup 'SCHEMA_OBJECT_CHANGE_GROUP' `
     -RetentionInDays 8 `
     -AuditAction "DELETE ON schema::dbo BY [public]" 
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