Please help me with the SQL query to get the output

Subhomoy Chakraborty 106 Reputation points

Hi Team,

Please find the attached file. Based on the column 'Response_status_code' I need to get the highlighted column 'TrackerID'. Please help me with SQL query how to get that?187891-capture.jpg

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  1. Viorel 106.4K Reputation points

    The next query tries to correspond to your question:

    with Q1 as
        select *, case when lag(Response_) over (order by Client_Date) <> Response_ then Client_Date end as f
        from MyTable
    Q2 as
        select *, max(f) over (order by Client_Date) as m
        from Q1
    select Endpoint_, Version_N, Response_, Endpoint_, Client_Date,
        dense_rank() over (order by m) as TrackerID
    from Q2
    order by Client_Date

    It assumes that Client_Date includes distinct time. It is necessary to have a column that can be used for ordering.

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  2. LiHong-MSFT 10,031 Reputation points

    Hi @Subhomoy Chakraborty
    Please check this query:

    ;WITH CTE AS  
    SELECT *,CASE WHEN Response_status_code = LAG(Response_status_code)OVER(ORDER BY Client_Date)   
    		      THEN 0 ELSE 1 END AS TO_SUM    
    FROM #Your_table  
    SELECT Endpoint_, Version_N,Response_status_code,Endpoint_,Client_Date,SUM(TO_SUM)OVER(ORDER BY Client_Date ROWS BETWEEN UNBOUNDED PRECEDING AND CURRENT ROW )AS TrackerID   
    FROM CTE  

    If there is an incremental primary key column in your table, then I suggest changing the ORDER BY Client_Date to ORDER BY PK_Column in the two over clauses.

    Best regards,

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