NetX Duo FTP client packet pool

Licio MAPELLI 51 Reputation points

Hello, when calling

nx_ftp_client_file_read(&ftp_client, &my_packet, 5*NX_IP_PERIODIC_RATE); 

the packet returned is allways from the IP packet pool despite the FTP client was created passing as argument its own packet pool:

nx_packet_pool_create(&ftp_client_pkt_pool, "FTP Client Packet Pool", FTP_PACKET_SIZE, ftp_client_memory, sizeof(ftp_client_memory));
nx_ftp_client_create(&ftp_client, "FTP Client", &ip_0, 2000, &ftp_client_pkt_pool);

is this normal ?
Thank you, regards

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  1. Bo Chen 596 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Licio MAPELLI thanks for your query, the ftp own packet pool is used by nx_ftp_client_packet_allocate() for sending data. For the reading operation (RETRIEVE command), this command causes the server to transfer a copy of the file, the data is from network (server), the client driver allocates the packet from IP packet pool for receiving data. For the writing operation (STOR), this command causes the server to accept the data, the ftp client may call nx_ftp_client_packet_allocate() to allocate the packet pool from FTP own packet pool, then sends data to server.

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