Access File Share used for SFTP running on Azure VM

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I'm trying to set up a testing SFTP environment and struggling to get it worked properly.

  • creatted Azure VM (Win Server 2016)
  • created Storage account -> File Share
  • mounted the file share to Azure VM
  • Ran SFTP server on the VM


  • I can connect to VM and access the File share mounted as "S" drive and work with the file with no issue
  • I can connect to SFTP using an SFTP client with no issue and browse C drive and D drive
  • I CANNOT access "S" drive though.... getting ERROR 5 - No media

What am I missing here?

Azure Files
Azure Files
An Azure service that offers file shares in the cloud.
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Azure Storage Accounts
Azure Storage Accounts
Globally unique resources that provide access to data management services and serve as the parent namespace for the services.
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Azure Blob Storage
Azure Blob Storage
An Azure service that stores unstructured data in the cloud as blobs.
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  1. michal 186 Reputation points

    no idea why it is not working for me..... what am I missing there?

    after furhter research.... it looks like it is not an issue with AZURE but with SFTP server in general when trying to use a "network drive"

    Anyone has some guidence about how I can set up my scenario? What SFTP serve could be used to work with Azure Files? Happy for any advise that will point me the right dirrection