How to Get Adaptive card Responses in Sharepoint list using Azure Logic Apps?

Akshata 46 Reputation points

I have created Adaptive card and SharePoint List.
currently I am able to post my message on teams but I want to save those responses in SharePoint List.
Could you please help me with the flow steps or any other solution.

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  1. Bruno Lucas 4,396 Reputation points MVP

    Looking into this:, there is a "know issues" section that says:

    "It is not possible to collect data from Adaptive Cards unless they are created using one of the "wait for a response" actions. Adaptive Cards that don't wait return an error for all button actions except OpenURL"

    Are you using this one?:

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  1. Bruno Lucas 4,396 Reputation points MVP

    hi, I tried it with the response adaptive card . i guess what you mean is you are not being able to store the adaptive card input from the use that respond to it, right?
    I managed to get that but I wonder if you may be having some permission problem or a legit Microsoft problem. I tested that on a environment where I have global permissions for both teams and Azure. But could be a Microsoft issue. I just tried to help someone using the power automate version of teams and they found it was a issue with their environment. had to be addressed by Microsoft.
    Anyway, it this what you were trying to do: (my flow is just aquick example i quicly created to prove the point)

    I can add adaptive card fields to my SharePoint action


    my adaptive card code


    tested and now i can see the response

    I can see it in sharepoint

    forgive my rushed up sample, but that should be enough to prove the concept
    suggested troubleshooting:
    !.can you see the adaptive card fields at all? if not I can try to send you my adaptive card just for the test. there are some issues with this logic app control. it doesn't work with some adaptive card version. this worked for me:
    2. are you responding to the cards when they pop in team?
    3. do you see any red in the logic app execution?

    if everything seems normal but you can't see the fields, i suggest to investigate permissions or adaptive card version. if everything fails, raise a ticket with Microsoft

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  2. Bruno Lucas 4,396 Reputation points MVP

    There is definitely something wrong with your adaptive card code. may take too long to figure, so I tried creating something similar with the editor and this one works for me.
    Suggestions: keep IDs without spaces

    when editing in, make sure you change "select host app" to "teams" and set version to 1.3



    when assigning the fields to SharePoint, integer values won't be visible. you may need to change to "expression" and type string(). when you mouse over between the brackets you should see the integer value to select


    my template (this did work for me):

        "type": "AdaptiveCard",  
        "body": [  
                "type": "TextBlock",  
                "size": "Medium",  
                "weight": "Bolder",  
                "text": "Traffic Count for Falls Church Store"  
                "type": "Input.Text",  
                "placeholder": "How did your day go?",  
                "id": "info"  
                "type": "Input.Text",  
                "placeholder": "Traffic Count",  
                "id": "trafficCount"  
                "type": "Input.Text",  
                "placeholder": "Notes",  
                "id": "Notes"  
                "type": "ActionSet",  
                "actions": [  
                        "type": "Action.Submit",  
                        "title": "Submit"  
        "$schema": "",  
        "version": "1.3"  
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  3. Bruno Lucas 4,396 Reputation points MVP

    Hi, I think there are some challenges there that may make that a bit hard, if possible, at all

    Adaptive cards are generated in json and the rendered card you see in teams won't be passed to the logic app context

    the Teams controls context won't have the card parsed with the data. You would need to use "Compose" to store a version of the Adaptive Card with the Data, but still, even after that Sharepoint Lists don't have a column type that would display the rendered card. If you just want to store the json you can use a multiline column

    The Adaptive card can only pass the Teams link to the card in teams:




    Compose can add the data to the card json. if that is enough than this should do


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  4. Akshata 46 Reputation points

    Hello @Bruno Lucas and @Mike Urnun ,
    Thank you for suggesting solutions.
    Still I am not able to crack what exactly is missing in my Azure Workflow.

    I am able to post message on teams and getting some of the response information saved on SharePoint List.
    I believe, there needs one more step in between "Post adaptive card and wait for Response" and "Create Item". this step should read response and save that on SharePoint. I checked all relevant SharePoint actions but not getting proper solution.

    Please let me know if any suggestions.