Outlook add-in to RelativityOne Integration

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Hi all,

I would like to build a outlook add-in that allows users to send emails to our e-discovery platform RelativityOne.

I was thinking:

  • When the client starts up I would like it trigger an api call to a separate service that gets a dictionary back that i want to store somewhere so that it can be called by other functions in the add-in.
  • I would like a pop up after an email is sent that asks if the user would like to send that email to Relativity with some options that was gathered by the step above(I'm guessing I would use the ItemSend event type)
  • I would also like an option for a user to mass select emails in an inbox and have a button that would make the same pop up appear in the above step.

The information I'm after is any links to documentation or names of event handlers and a general overview of how to do it? and if it is possible?

here is a link to the rest api page of RelativityOne service if that helps.

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