How to determine where there is the ability to create a virtual machine, if using the free subscription... (it will not currently let me create a VM)?

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Created 30 day 'Free' trial, and cannot create a VM because I cannot get a size. Found this... Ok, seems to be a crunch on, as far as available resources, for the free trial. Without trying each worldwide region, to determine where there might be the posssibility of creating a VM, is there a tool that can do this for me, or, should I just assume that (for free trial), there is no ability to do this anywhere?

How often does this happen. If all the time, then what is the use of the free trial? Will my 30 days be extended (if this is a temporary thing), adding days on for those days when this problem occurs? Looking at Azure status does not show any problems...why is this happening?

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines
An Azure service that is used to provision Windows and Linux virtual machines.
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    Read on here.

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    I live on the east coast, so EastUS would be the usual selection for me. Yesterday I was able to create VM's, using the free subscription, in Asia Australia east. Will cost a little more, and might be slower for me. karishmatiwari-msft, you said "I can find alternative regions for you to try", it a matter of keep trying different regions (like I did), or, is there a method\app\whatever? Why, is this happening? Thanks.