Developer help c++ or visual basic or python beginner for app store and other?

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Hi to make new app that can check software is updated or not for android chromebook chrome flex unix\linux\mac and windows 11 (reactOS)?

Operatingsystem $Softwarename$ $operatingbits$ (Version:Control)

dpkg install firefox
sudo snap install discord
Aptitude install firefox
sudo zypper --gpg-auto-import-keys refresh
sudo zypper dup --from snappy
sudo zypper install snapd
Or RPM\Deb\tar

Windows (10\11)
Run: ms-windows-store:app_firefox (Install, Remove, Reinstall,)

ReactOS\XP\Windows 7
(Local folder Folder install .exe or MSI.


A high-level, general-purpose programming language, created as an extension of the C programming language, that has object-oriented, generic, and functional features in addition to facilities for low-level memory manipulation.
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An object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft that is implemented on the .NET Framework. Previously known as Visual Basic .NET.
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Windows 11
Windows 11
A Microsoft operating system designed for productivity, creativity, and ease of use.
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  1. Limitless Technology 38,766 Reputation points

    Hi @Lars Martin Hambro

    I suggest you start or stick with any one of the programming languages to achieve your target of developing an app to check the updates.

    This documentation provides the latest guidance about building desktop apps for Windows 11 and Windows 10.
    Build desktop apps for Windows

    Automatically update multiple apps at the same time using Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer (App-V Sequencer)

    Hope this resolves your Query!!

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  2. Lars Martin Hambro 1 Reputation point

    Hi sorry its did not help me much.
    Issue about developer section is not for newbeginner only for profesional.

    I want help to make tools or anything to make issue list before add apps?
    Because not sure if risk developer take if used by microsoft studio code or microsoft studio expess?
    Its both GPL and Copyright and much more user license? So did its mean its not can be used as same? if i add apps to microsoft store its not can be added to google play or apple store? Or linux store?

    As you know github is more easy to make project from studio express 2022 cominity edition.
    But did no find option for onedrives or microsoft apps store?

    So what can you help me with? did you have guide or something for newbeginner? What programming language is allowed what requements for color and function apps must have? Be its cost to add payment and if some apps make bluescreen to users?

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