TaskScheduler WMI API - is it possible to modify task?

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I'm trying to modify scheduled task through WMI Microsoft\Windows\MSFT_ScheduledTask object. However when I call instance Put method to update it I'm getting "Not supported" error. Nothing works. Is it possible at all? Am I doing something wrong?

Below is the code snippet I use for instance update after modification of its one property. Result returned is WBEM_E_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x8004100c).

void WmiObject::Commit()
    IWbemCallResultPtr resultObj;
    // IWbemServices* WmiComConnection::ServiceObject()
    // IWbemClassObjectPtr comPtr;
    HRESULT result = comConnection->ServiceObject()->PutInstance(comPtr, WBEM_FLAG_UPDATE_ONLY, NULL, NULL);

    if (FAILED(result))
        throw WmiException("Failed to update a WMI object", result);
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    See MSDN samples using ITaskScheduler interface, like Setting Task Property Examples

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