directshow play video with white screen but progress is still going on.

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Hi, I meet this issue in many different case:

  1. in one win10 PC, it is appeared for all of my test video files(such as avi files);
  2. in another win10 PC, no this issue;
  3. in one win11 PC, it is appeared for some video file, but no problem for other video files.

The issue can be repeated stably just use graphedit or graphstudionext, and create filter chain with default system filters.
And there is a very strange thing in case 1 and 3, that is if I use my program to play the video which will cause the problem, and leave a memory leak when free the graph fileters resource, then create another graph filters to play, problem is gone, every thing is OK now.
I've ever doubt the driver of display card and disable the hardware accelerating of directdraw and direct3D, but no use.

I don't think it is software bugs, but the system environment, and have no any idea to check the issue further. Expect your reply, best regards.


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