Android 12 Splash Screen Migration Help

Seth Isaacks 11 Reputation points

My Xamarin app is about two years in the making. Android 12 introduced a new splash screen. I have been designing my app in Windows Visual Studio.
I have read through a few links about how to migrate the splash screen but it involves using Android Studio, which I am not using to develop in.
So I am wondering if anyone can give me some guidance on how to keep my original splash screen versus the new Android 12 or if that is even possible.
Right now the splash screen shows my App Icon with a white background.

I found the following
but I am unsure of how to do the work arounds they speak of.
For example one guy states the following:

Create a new Android Bindings Project
Add core-splashscreen-1.0.0-alpha02.aar to the Bindings Project
(Optional?) set the $(TargetFrameworkVersion) of the Binding Project to v12.0

But I am not of the process to do those steps.

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  1. Graham McKechnie 241 Reputation points

    @Le Trung Thong (DPS.FMS)

    The following link shows how to convert a Xamarin.Android app to use Xamarin.AndroidX.Core.SplashScreen using the standard Xamarin Application icon. Just replace the app icons with your own app icons.

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  2. Alessandro Dutenhefner 1 Reputation point

    Doesnt work on my device.
    Samsung Galaxy note 10 lite (android 12)
    Splash screen is white, no logo.

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  3. Graham McKechnie 241 Reputation points

    @Alessandro Dutenhefner

    I've just re-tested the XamarinBasicSplashScreen app on 3 Samsung devices - Galaxy S20 5G Android 12, Galaxy S8 Android 12 and Galaxy Tab S7 Android 13. They all display the Xamarin.Android application icon. I've got no idea why your Galaxy Note 10 Lite will not display the same application icon.

    A couple of questions though.

    Do you do a cold start each time you launch the app? Please note, you will not see the icon on a warm start.
    Are you building it as you downloaded it without any changes?
    Have you modified it with your own icons?

    You could try to uncomment the line System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000); in the MainActivity to introduce an artificial delay.

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