Storage Space error: "The value for Interleave is outside of the supported range of values."

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I have a Storage Pool composed by 10 disks and I need to create a Storage Space spread on all ten disks and Dual Parity. The SP has to be optimized for a NTFS partition having 64KB clusters s I need to configure 8 disks with 8KB interleave and 2 with parity.

Since it has to be optimized I cannot run it through graphic console, I have to use PowerShell instead (experts that can answer this technical question know why.).

The command I tried to use is:

New-VirtualDisk -StoragePoolFriendlyName SPMMega -ProvisioningType Thin -Interleave 8KB -FriendlyName SP01DualParity -Size 5TB -ResiliencySettingName Parity -NumberOfColumns 10 -PhysicalDiskRedundancy 2

The error I get is :

New-VirtualDisk : The value for Interleave is outside of the supported range of values. Activity ID: {51aff24c-7f68-4f9d-ad55-678116429f9f} At line:1 char:1 + New-VirtualDisk -StoragePoolFriendlyName SPMMega -ProvisioningType Th ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+ CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (StorageWMI:ROOT/Microsoft/...SFT_StoragePool) [New-VirtualDisk], CimEx 


+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : StorageWMI 49005,New-VirtualDisk

If I execute the command reducing the interlave to 16KB on only 4 disks so having a SP with 6 disks (Dual Parity), then it works but I use just 6 disks with a lot of wasted space due to Dual Parity and it is not my scope.

So the command that works is:

New-VirtualDisk -StoragePoolFriendlyName SPMMega -ProvisioningType Thin -Interleave 16KB -FriendlyName SP01DualParity -Size 5TB -ResiliencySettingName Parity -NumberOfColumns 6 -PhysicalDiskRedundancy 2

I tried to reduce the -NumberOfColumns to 8 but I get the same error.

Does someone can explain why the command with 10 disks does not work and provide me the correct one?

OS is Windows 10 fully updated.

Thanks in advance to any support

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  1. Limitless Technology 39,461 Reputation points

    Hi @Moro

    The default interleave size of 256 KB. Interleave represents the amount of data written to a single column per stripe. And we could specifies the interleave value to use during the creation of a virtual disk.

    And as per Microsoft, the desired size of a data strip on a single physical disk in a striping based resiliency setting. This value must be between the values of the InterleaveMin and InterleaveMax properties of the MSFT_ResiliencySetting object. Maybe you could refer to the articles below.

    Hope this answers your question :)
    Thank you.

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  2. Moro 41 Reputation points

    It worked with an Interleave of 16KB and 10 Columns and of course a AUS of 128KB.

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