Appointment isonline property error 'Set action is invalid for property.'

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Similar question are asked around web but i couldn't find a definitive answer.

When an EWS appointment is created code behind this properties work just fine :

For example for Appointment app = new Appointment()

app.Subject = "Test" // It works fine no errors.
app.Body = "Content" // Again no errors.
app.Start = DateTime.Now // No error.
app.End = DateTime.End // No error.
app.location = "Meeting Room" // This is fine too
app.RequiredAttendees.Add("blah@Stuff .com") // No Problem

app.Save(); // Just like this, you can create an appointment with no problems .

But whenever i want to make this an online meeting, i add

app.IsOnlineMeeting = true // According to documentation this property has get and set . So i should be able to set a bool value. But as soon as i add this property change to my appointment ,
app.Save() returns an error. 'Set action is invalid for property.' . According tomany people this error comes because IsOnlineMeeting is read only. But how can i set it ? I tried to go outlook and went to account options to set everymeeting to onlinemeeting as default. When i create a meeting from outlook, now every meeting is created with a teams meeting. I thought as long as account is set to send onlinemeetings as default, IsOnlineMeeting property should set itself to true or similar effect should happen. But i had no luck. I can't make an online meeting from codebehind.

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Accepted answer
  1. Glen Scales 4,421 Reputation points

    You can't create a teams meeting directly using EWS the api itself doesn't offer any functions to generate the necessary Teams URL's etc, you need to the use the Graph API and use the Calendaring Endpoint. In EWS you could set all the extended properties but its not documented and you would still need to generate the Teams Meeting Join URL using the the Graph API.

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