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Azure Synapse Analytics Failed to create Livy session


I'm receiving the following Error:
Operation on target Run Power BI Refresh failed: Exception: Failed to create Livy session for executing notebook. Error: Your Spark job requested 12 vcores. However, the workspace has a 0 core limit. Try reducing the numbers of vcores requested or increasing your vcore quota. HTTP status code: 400. Trace ID: 2e09e364-3af8-45d6-b178-275dd4b800aa.

This is on all my Notebooks.

My vcores aren't 0. I've even increased the vcores, but no luck.

It was working perfectly 01/04/2022 early. This issue started later in the day.

Our Region is: West Europe.

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I also experienced this issue. Turning off the debug session and then restarting worked for me.

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