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I was trying to provide to Custom translator two md files (I had to change the extension to txt in order for it to take it) and the sentence alignment seems completely off once there is a small change.

To check the sentence alignment I'm using the Custom Translator Portal page. I'm clicking on the document once added and it shows the column of english and the column of spanish. The first question is if the display is actually showing the aligned sentences or it's just showing to separate lists of sentences.

If it is not, then I think it should be made clear in some way as it can lead to confusion.

If it is, then the sentence alignment seems a bit simple since it does alignments that do not make any sense.

For instance I have the following:

This is an example text as you can see everything is in one line, e.g. this is still in the same line.

Which a translator (a person, not the Azure Translator) has translated to:

Esto es un texto de ejemplo como podéis ver todo está en una sola línea. Por ejemplo esto está en la misma línea.

The sentence alignment process seems to have separated the spanish into two sentences:

  1. Esto..... sola línea
  2. Por ejemplo ....

While in english it is still only one sentence.

The problem now is that all subsequent texts seem missaligned by one sentece. Meaning that it seems like it is pairing sentences that do not make any sense together.

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