Is there any way to check if a (UNC path) volume is a Windows DedupVolume or not?

Naveen Kedilaya 6 Reputation points

I wanted to find out if a given volume has Data Deduplication enabled or not.

For a local volume this is straightforward using the WMI query:

select * from MSFT_DedupVolume where Volume='E:\\MountFolder\\DedupVolume'

But for a UNC path as volume name, the WMI query returns nothing (no error, just blank output).

select * from MSFT_DedupVolume where Volume='\\\\windowsMachine\\E$\\MountFolder\\DedupVolume'

In wmi-access-to-unc-paths it is mentioned that

WMI operations are not allowed to access network resources due to security restrictions in Windows.

Is there any other way to find out if a UNC path volume has Data Deduplication configured or not?

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