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2 Node Failover Cluster with S2D, Hyper-V Machines' vhdx active on Cluster Shared Volume.

Issue: CSV "Storage Name" consistently enters pause state due to Status_Connection_Disconnected. RHSCall::DeadlockMonitor: Call ISALIVE timed out for resource
Virtual machine enters pause state, until CSV becomes available.

Changed: deadlocktimeout to 300,000 but Status_Connection_Disconnected still occurs.

Recent: Data Exchange integration service is not running, enabled, or initiated. Event 15268 Source Hyper-V-VMMS: Failed to get the disk information; c000020c

Is there a configuration that could be missing? I have 2 other "2 node Failover Clusters" that are not having issues. My network is isolated and does not touch the web. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Windows Server 2019
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Windows Server Clustering
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    This issue may caused by large SMB2 packets no longer be able to get through between the node and the CSV owner node over the CSV redirected network

    Was due to the systems(with HP network cards) being configured for Jumbo frames and Large Send Offload.

    The Jumbo frames were not fully configured correctly on all the relevant switches, such that LSO could not send the large (SMB2) packet

    (was originally working because the OS has detected that it needed to fragment the packets. Somehow it decided to let the NIC do it after the move and then CSV redirected network communication got blocked).

    Please make sure the network can properly handle jumbo frames or disable Large Send Offload on the NIC.

    For more information, please refer to:

    Best Regards,

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