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Impossible to upgrade app created in App Studio to be supported in the Teams Developer portal

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to convert a Teams app, created from the App Studio app, so that I can manage it directly from the new Developer Portal. I can see the app from the web version of the Developer Portal but when I'm trying to convert it I'm getting the following error
Is there perhaps a known bug regarding this?
I'm also unable to replace the app with a new one, with an updated manifest, since it also raises a similar error.

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We are looking at this, we will update you.

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We performed the below steps successfully.

  1. We created an app using App studio.

  2. Made some changes to the same app in dev portal and saved the updates.

  3. Downloaded the same manifest, made some changes locally and updated the same app through Admin center.

Could you please confirm if you are also doing the same? If not, could you please share the steps so that we can repro it locally?

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Could you please share the above asked details?

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