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FSLogix - Correct Search Configuration

With the release of FSL 2201, specific to a Windows 10 multi-session environment in Azure: "Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session and Windows 11 Enterprise Multi-session natively support per-user search indexes and FSLogix Search Indexing is no longer available on those operating systems", what is the correct configuration to accomplish this?

MS appears to have outdated documentation regarding the fixes in FSL 2201:

According to bloggers, RoamSearch should be ZERO in order to get Search to function, therefore shouldn't the following GPO settings be configured this way:

FSLogix > Enable search roaming > Disabled
FSLogix/Office 365 Containers > Store search database in Office 365 container > Disabled
FSLogix/Profile Containers > Store search database in profile container > Disabled

Are those settings correct, and are there any other settings missed to accomplish what is mentioned in FSL 2201 to configure Search correctly?

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I've been trying to figure this out as well. When I first set up FSLogix the guide I was following said to Enable "Store search database in profile container" and set it to Disabled for a 2019 server. Looking at the Reg Key this effects on my servers it is set to Zero. But If I look at the actual contents of the Profile VHD it does contain the Search edb file. And this is on a brand new profile.

But some updated documentation or even a statement that says, FSLogix 2201 ignores this setting or something would be great.

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Can anyone from Microsoft verify this information please?

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  • would also like to know

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